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Reduce Salt

Reduce salt…Reduce diseases: Knowledge and experiences from patients with hypertension (available only in Thai version)


The booklet is developed for persons with hypertension and general population who want to avoid diseases and illness caused by sodium over consumption.


Table of contents:


·         To whom this book is made for? How to maximize the benefit of this book?


Part 1: Questions and answers “How to avoid illness and diseases caused by salt?”

·         What kind of “salt” cause illness and diseases?

·         What are the diseases caused by over salt intake?

·         Why does over salt intake cause high blood pressure?

·         Why does over salt intake cause kidney disease?

·         How much salt we can eat safely?

·         What kind of foods which contain high salt and patients with hypertension should avoid?

·         How to reduce salt intake?

·         How to reduce salt if we have to buy foods?

·         What should we do if we have to work in hot environment with lots of sweating?

·         Can we stop eating salt?

·         Reduce salt…Reduce poverty

·         Clever to eat…we must read food label


Part 2: Learning the best practices of salt reduction from the patients

·         When the “salty chef” successfully reduces salt and reduce blood pressure

·         Reduce headache and body ache because of reducing salt

·         Reduce salt because of “love”

·         An old man with high spirit and discipline of salt reduction

·         A great daughter who promptly reduce salt for mom

·         Less salt…longer marriage lives

·         Tasteless is tolerable but illness is intolerable

·         Reduce salt by changing soup

·         Stop using fish sauce…and say goodbye to salty fishes!


Published by: TB/HIV Research Foundation (THRF), Thailand and Social and Preventive Medicine Department, Chiang Rai Regional Hospital, Chiang Rai, Thailand


Sponsored by: Thai Health Promotion Foundation